Jun 5, 2012

Well well, it seems since I have been gone that Blogger has updated some stuff and looks all different. Anyway I am on here to tell you that we have moved once again!!! Meaning our "blog" has moved locations once again.

 I created an actual website,I had to create one for our rental properties anyway, to make managing them long distance easier, so while I was at it I created an independent website for our family blog. 

Go to


and it will actually be updated with recent pics and postings, and if you happen to want to see the websites I built for our properties you can go to


and play around on there....the coolest and hardest part of those websites was the fillable PDF rental application form that prospective tenants can fill out on line and then email to us....cuts out a lot of work for me throughout june and july when were usually refilling the apartments.

 Oh and leave comments on our family website and let me know what you think, and I want to know how comments work so leave one just to let me know you saw it.

Jul 25, 2011

We have moved!!!

Our new address: http://thestoryoflojo.wordpress.com

I just updated with new pics....but thats about it as of right now

oh, so we have officially moved our home as well. But our blog has moved also, I was tired of the limitations of Blogger/blogspot, havnt you ever noticed how long it takes to put pictures on here? well I like to put several pictures on at once and was getting iritated with wasting 2 hours to just update my blog with pictures, I so I discovered Wordpress.com, same thing as blogspot, its free, only it lets you upload pics 100 at a time or more for that matter and it does it in minutes, I am still learning how to use it so no glorious blog for my visitors but so far I like it WAY better. Infact I am researching about websites in general so who knows perhaps in a month or so we might move again, only this time I will build my own website.

so here is the new address:


Jun 13, 2011

Tidbits of Easter, Birthday and Projects

Well I have had quite a go at trying to get these pictures up here. How annoying. But alas I have succeeded with most of them. I don't have time to properly update and have figured out how many times I take pictures with some other camera than mine. I remember taking pictures throughout Kyrens 2nd birthday but it obviously wasnt on mine becuase I only have pictures of us at the park. Which is bummer cuz there were some good ones, hopefully I will find them. So we threw a Megamind birthday party for Kyrens 2nd birthday. We decorated the house in blue, made a blue round megamind head cake, wrapped his presents in blue and as you can see made a megamind lookalike PINATA. It was way cool, only we had to really convince Kyren that it was okay to hit it, he was kinda scared of it. Then theres more pics of working on our table, easter...we went down to the chatmans for easter along with eldon and kimi. Kyren caught onto picking up the eggs real fast and ran around getting them and putting them in my basket. Then he would empty the basket and go find them again. :) It was really cute. And then there is Jordan out in the pouring rain on the tractor, he loved using that thing, I didn't see him for 3 days as soon as the sun was up he was out there "playing" in the field tearing down trees and blackberry bushes and you can kind of see part of the fence he built with my dad....more pics on that later.

Apr 18, 2011

baby goats

we got to let them out of their pen for the first time. they seemed to enjoy it.

our table

Apr 15, 2011

our table is done!

our table is finally done and useable. It was really fun to have everyone eat around it on saturday for Donna's Birthday.

Mar 20, 2011

Our New life in WA

Boo!! Its been awhile, I feel like life has been in the fast lane, even tho its technically in the slow lane right now. Well you know how it goes, with two little kids, over ambitousness towards projects and finding ourselves surrounded with family has kept us very busy. But here is a very short summary of our life in the last 3 months. We now live in Salkum Wa, and LOVE being with family. This is chelsea pushing Kyren in his yellow dump truck that he got for christmas, he loves pushing this around the house, his favorite is to ram it into other toys and say "Oh no...Crasssh"

This is Kyren interupting Chelsea and Sasha's game of California Speed, they would have Kyren count to ten and then say "GO" and then he would jump in and scatter their pile, he saw them throwing their hands around like psychos and slamming piles, so he wanted to do the same.
Parry is 7 1/2 months, I just took this picture yesturday
He got up onto his knees and starting rocking, he actually did this for the first time in Utah during Laura's homecoming at 6 months
Grandma has SWINGS in her house!! how cool is that? Since this picture we got a bucket seat like at the city parks for Parry that swings right next to the one Kyren is on. This was his first time on a "big boy" swing. He did great, and has only fallen off once since.
It has been a pretty cold winter, especially for WA, and it SNOWED, not only that but it stuck! We had snow coverage for about a week straight. Kyren didn't like snow over thanksgiving but this time he loved it, he really liked being able to see his footsteps behind him.
I taught him you could eat the snow and no that is all he wants to do when hes in it. He says "more?...More?"

Kyren lovcs to push Parry around the kitchen in this thing, it is sooo fun to see them "play" together, Parry of course loves it when Kyren gives him any positive attention.

He started sitting up by himself at the beginning of 6 months, don't you just love that spiky hair, we all think he looks completely different when he has his flat.
This is my older sister Mandi with Parry, during one the many visits at her house.
This is my niece (the only one on the Parry side) and she is whole YEAR older than Parry but they are the same size, and actually his head and hands are bigger than hers.
alright so this is Kyrens smile, he looks like hes about to burst a blood vessel when he does it, tensing completely up. This pic kinda gives him a MegaMind head, which he actually doesnt have.
So Yes this is Kyren in a dress, I bought this adorable skirt and tights for Jordans neice for her birthday and since they were about the same size I just couldnt resist trying it on Kyren, it was sooo cute. Jordan was mortified. I think I need a girl.
Jordan took me salsa dancing, they had an hour lesson before and then all night of dancing, it was our first time leaving Parry at home. Since I never posted any Christmas pics, this pic does NO justice to the majesty of this tree, it was HUGE, by far the largest christmas tree we have ever had, its 9 ft tall and like 7 feet side to side. We actually got two christmas trees this year, cuz we got them for free from an old man who used to grow them and sell them but just wanted to get rid of them this year. I have now been sold on have two and will always have two....as long as we can afford them. cant beat free. We did this one red and gold and the one upstairs was blue and silver. They were Gorgeous, that is my favorite part of christmas, decorations and trees! Sadly I didnt get to wake up to this beautiful tree on Christmas morning, but it was worth having it before we left. This was sooo cute, I came in to Jordan working on his anatomy coloring book and Kyren begging to color with him, so he got to color on his CARRS coloring book. Jordan and I built these shelves in my parents garage....mostly Jordan but I would go out and help when the kids were sleeping. It has made a world of difference for that garage. Building shelves is really fun actually and very rewarding. I love making chaos orderly.

I am sure Maura will not appreciate this pic BUT its the only one I took apparently, while we were in Utah visiting Jordans family over christmas we got to spend New Years eve with Maura and her sister. It was really fun, Jordan went sledding behind their jeep on the icy neighborhood roads. And then at midnight we went to the church parking lot and let off roman candle fireworks. It was soo fun to see Maura and Ben and little Merilee. Kyren and Merilee are destined for each other!:)
Kyren fell asleep after like 15 min in the car. so cute. My mom, chelsea, and Parry hangin out at my parents house (ie...our house for now) Once again, I couldnt resist dressing Parry up with this cute christmas present bow, I cant wait till I have a girl, she's gonna be bling. Grandpa Parry (Kyrens favorite buddy) reading Kyren a story, Kyren LOVES books, currently he really likes his CAR (movie) books and Clifford. Anything with action. Hes finally to the point where he will tell you whats happening on the pages. I was so excited, on our drive back down to Utah in february for Laura's homecoming I was able to stop at the SLC airport during her lay over and see Katie before she went off to Africa (Nigeria) for the next couple of years. And I got to see and hold her new baby Monson, I miss being able to call Katie.

Seattle Space needle Chelsea had her 19th birthday February 10th, it was really fun to be around for it, so my mom and I surprised her by taking her to the seattle Ballet featuring Cinderella, it was all of our first time going to a real 100% Ballet. I LOVED IT, so did they but I have decided I really like Ballet's I like how there is no singing. but I have always loved dance so not much surprise there. During our second trip, coming back from Utah we stopped and stayed and my Sister Mandi's house for 3 days. During our trip Jordan got to help build them some shelves in their Garage that Mandi had been wanting for awhile. Can you tell that he loves to build shelves? Jordan bottom, my brother in law Ryan on the top Celebrating our 4 year anniversary (Nov 25th) and valentines day around feb 20th, we were moving and doing thanksgiving for our anniversary and were traveling from utah over valentines so didnt have time before then. BUT we had sooo much fun. Jordan took me out to a really fancy seafood restaurant in olympia, afterwards we went country dancing all night and then returned to a hotel....our first time "getting a hotel"...and without kids :) It was a blast and I loved dancing again!!! I have such a stud for a husband. Oh and we both actually really liked teh seafood, we got a combo plate which let us taste a little bit of everything, we had never had most of it. I also got a blackened salmon that was to die for. So this is our new BABY!! We are sooo excited, its our new Dining room table. Were making the whole thing ourselves. We have not had a real table since we left pittsburgh, in California we used one of our folding tables with folding chairs waiting the day we would have time to make our own perfect table. Jordan's parents bought a new table a couple of years ago and we have copied it, all except for the legs....I designed those myself. I am so proud of them,so far they have come out awesome. Its a square table that has "leafs" that flip up to make it round. When their down it seats comfortably 4, easily 8 and when flipped up 10-12 ppl. So this is me sanding down the legs after routering them. It was our first time playing with a router, we just taught ourselves, before this project I really didnt even know what one looked like. Their easy enough and really really fun to play with. One leg of the table after rough sanding and on to fine hand sanding one table leg stained Red Mahogany these are the wings of the table that fold out from underneach on each side of the table, before sanding.... So I HAVE FINALLY FOUND IT!!! I have been searching, not that dedicated I might add, on and off for the last 4 years for a perfect whole wheat bread recipe, well my friends, I have finally found it, at last. Actually I was introduced to it, by my sister Mandi who makes it every week. It is marvelous and so soft, fluffy but stiff at the same time and doesnt crumble. Its also really easy to make and so we no longer buy store bread and I have been making this one, Kyren loves it. Our next obsession is Green! we invested in a Blend tec Blender (the one you see at Costco that can blend up a hammer head!) Yeah you can literally put a hocky stick in it and it will grind it to dust. The things a beast and its perfect. WE LOVE IT!! best buy we have probably ever made. It has revolutionized our eating habits. We now get 5-10 servings of vegetables a day and 5-10 servings of fruit, in the complete raw form. We got all our recipies from www.greensmoothiegirl.com and their awesome. Great usage of our blender. that is what this beautiful pic of a green jar is, a smoothie I created called the "Blind Date" and yesturday I just invented and mastered a new one, the "Cacaoholic" Its good, my whole family like it and it has 5 servings of veggies including, spinach, kale, chard and collard greens (5 servings in a jar). and its great cuz now Kyren gets his vegetables every day. I will post the recipes on here later incase yall want to try them. The rough draft of our table, It will be veneered Mahogany (thats actually already done but I forgot to take a pic) and stained a very dark red mahogany and covered with Mirror Coat. (the stuff that covers a bar counter) This is how the legs are attached to the table, they are removable so it will be easier to transport the table when we move. all you do is undo that large bolt and thats it. Jordans doing. My beautiful LEGS! Oh I love them, their awesome! This is what we do with our kids when were working on the table, right not the table is in an unfinished room upstairs in my parents house, so they can play around in the living room while we work. We got the new bucket seat as you can see Kyren in, HE LOVES THIS SWING.....he wakes up in the morning and the first thing he says (even before hes out of his crib) "bucket.....bucket please.....bucket swing....please momma" you will also notice the board on he floor, that is where I am cutting out the fabric for our new quilt. Yet another project that I am working on. More on that later tho. Its gonna be sweet.
Oh yeah and this is the finished garage, after building it jordan sanded the entire garage, sealing and all, and we painted it. Jordan also framed the windows, and I caulked them.

Ta-Da, thats our life folks, well not all of it, but the high lights.

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We are both students at the University of Pittsburgh in the Neuroscience program. We graduate April 26 2009!! Loni is 23 and Jordan is 24. Jordan would like to be a doctor in the Air Force...as a career and has just finished applying to medical schools. I am pregnant and ready to be a little mom. We are both way to ready to graduate. Jordan is working as the Tech guy for the University's Jazz band, which he loves. I am currently working as a computer consultant on campus...its a very easy job, very school friendly. Jordan is the Gospel principles teacher in our ward and I am the new second counselor in the Young womens, so I am over the Beehives. Jordan does great at his calling and loves to "vent", and I love mine, the beehives are awesome...definitely the best ones of the pick. On the side we are both landlords, which is turning out to be a cinch so far.